Friday, July 21, 2006

It's been a very busy week, and this week is going to be even busier, but I wanted to take a minute and add a comment.

I sang in two recitals this past week. Each week, AIMS has 2 or 3 artist recitals. In order to sing in them, you have to sign up and get your coaches's and voice teacher's approvals. I did so, and was given the chance to sing twice. The first time I sang "Je Veux Vivre" and the 2nd performance, I sang Ach Ich Fuhls. Both went pretty well. I was lacking a little in the Juliette song as far as character is concerned because I was focused so much on technique. Ah well... the Pamina was better and I had fun both times.

I also had 2 auditions - one with a director from a German opera house, and the other with a French/European agent. Again, both went well, but they didn't bite. There are sooo many sopranos and if you don't have exactly what they're looking for, then they don't want you. However, they seem to be much nicer here than in the states. At least, that's been my experience. Now, granted, we are doing a study program, and so they take more time to work with you. But just in general, the demeanor is so much more pleasant. That is very attractive to me and has made me think often that it would be nice to sing here.

This next week I'll be singing in an orchestra concert in the Grazer Congress - Stefaniensaal. It is a big concert hall here. It is beautiful and a great hall to sing in. We get to sing arias with the orchestra - we have 3 rehearsals for that this week and then the performance. I'll be singing "Deh Vieni" from La Nozze de Figaro. I am very excited about that. I've never performed it, so I am spending most of my weekend getting that memorized.

I'm also working on a new piece since next Saturday is the big Meistersinger (master singer) competition. Pretty crazy!! But it's good times. The competition chooses 24 semi-finalists out of all the entries, and then a top 10 with 2 alternates. We have to have 3 arias prepared. I'll be singing Quando men vo, Vilja, and my new favorite, Ach Ich Liebte from Die entfuhrung aus dem Serail (The abduction from the Seraglio). It is an amazing aria, and I am so excited to sing it!! LOTS of high C's and D's!! Right up my alley! The top 3 singers win prize money... there is MAJOR competition here, but I'm going to give it my all!

Well, that is about all for now. I will attach pictures of the orchestra concert once I have them next week. I am working HARD and making good use of the time here. Tschuss!

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