Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hello! I thought I would give an update on my singing career. Once back from Austria, I spent some time finding employment - just a day job to help pay the bills. I found one that is close to home and it allows me to take long lunches and work on my music. Plus, since my commute time is 1.5 hours less than it used to be, I can use that time to sing.... which I do.

I took a couple of trips up to NY to audition and have some coachings. Both were good experiences. I spent the next couple of months learning the role of Suzanna from "Le Nozze di Figaro" for a concert/studio performance. I LOVE that role and can't wait to be able to do it again!

Shortly after that, I decided to apply to grad school for a Masters in Opera Performance. So I worked to make a recording to send to grad schools and went through the whole application process for 5 different schools. Boy, that is a LONG and arduous process, but worth the time. I applied to Oberlin College, Yale, Boston University, University of Maryland and University of Colorado. All good schools, but my number 1 choice, after doing some research is U of Maryland. I love living in this area and would like to stay here.

I was granted a live audition with them - U of MD, last Friday - Jan. 19th, and it went fairly well. I was sooo impressed with the faculty. They were so welcoming and kind. It made the audition more than bareable. It was a very good experience. If the education experience is anything like the audition, I would be so grateful! They make final decisions by March 1st.

I have an audition with Oberlin College next week, as well as a couple of other auditions with local opera companies for spring and summer productions. I haven't heard from Boston or Yale yet, and probably won't until March or April. Univ. of CO is out of the picture. They asked me to travel there to audition, but I could not go. Mostly timing and money issues. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to live in CO, however, so I'm not sad about missing that audition.

In the meantime, I'm loving singing and life is good! More to come as results are revealed!

Bye for now.